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7 Days Uganda Safari Tour view

This 7 Days Uganda Safari offers a wide range of safari activities ranging from Uganda Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee trekking, wildlife safaris and boat cruises. Nature walks in the Bwindi impenetrable national park and Kibale forest national park get you closer to the wild as you trek in search of the primates. Game drives in Queen Elizabeth national park offer close encounters with the magnificent wildlife on the African savanna.

7 Days Uganda Safari

Bwindi national park is home to the largest number of mountain gorillas in the wild. This Uganda safari package offers gorilla encounters in their natural habitat. Kibale National park offers amazing primate safaris with chimpanzee trekking as the main source of attraction. Other primates include; grey cheeked mangabeys, red tailed monkeys, L’hoist monkeys, white and black colobus and many more. Queen Elizabeth offers is famous for its tree climbing lions and spectacular scenery. Embark on this 7 Days Uganda Safari and explore the wild side of Uganda.

7 Days Uganda Safari highlights

Day 1: Transfer to Kibale national park
Day 2: Chimpanzee trekking safari and Bigodi wetland nature walk
Day 3: Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park
Day 4: Morning game drive and a boat cruise
Day 5: Transfer to Bwindi
Day 6: Gorilla trekking
Day 7: Departure to Kampala

7 Days Uganda Safari Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Transfer to Kibale national park

After breakfast, the guide will give you a short briefing of your Uganda safari before embarking on the scenic drive to Kibale national park. You will drive through the papyrus wetlands of Mubende where you will stop for lunch. The tea plantations and small towns offer an insight of the lives of the people of Uganda. On arrival in Kibale national park, you will check in at the lodge and relax for the afternoon and evening.

Day 2: Chimpanzee trekking safari and Bigodi wetland

7 Days Uganda SafariProceeding an early breakfast, you will head to the park headquarters for a briefing. In this briefing, you will be taken through the guidelines of chimpanzee trekking. With a trained ranger, you will venture into the tropical forest in search of the primates. The trek through the forest offers an amazing time in the wild. The sounds of the chirping birds, the whistling of the wind in the trees offer unforgettable Uganda safari memories. On making contact with the chimpanzees, you will be fascinated by these primates. Since they share 95% DNA with humans, their behaviors are human like. The way they play with one another, feed and groom is very similar to human behavior.

Other primates that can be seen on this Primate safari include; L’hoist monkeys, red tailed monkeys, grey checked mangabeys, white and black colobus monkeys and vervet monkeys. Plenty of bird species can be seen in the forest. After the chimpanzee trekking, we will return to the lodge for lunch. In the evening, we will venture out for a nature walk in the Bigodi wetland. This walk allows us to enjoy the scenic beauty of Uganda, the rare bird species like Great Blue Turaco and papyrus Gonolek, more primates and the sitatunga. We will return to the lodge for the night.

Day 3: Transfer to Queen Elizabeth and crater drive

Following breakfast, we will check out of the lodge and head for Queen Elizabeth national park. The scenic drive allows us to view the crater lakes, tea plantations and the Mountain Rwenzori. We will arrive in Queen Elizabeth in time for lunch. Later in the evening, we will head out for crate drive. This drive takes us to the different crater lakes that were formed as a result of volcanic activity. We will enjoy the scenery of the lakes with Rwenzori as the backdrop. We will return to the lodge for the night.

Day 4: Game drive and Boat cruise.

On this day of the 7 Days Uganda Safari, we will have an early breakfast before venturing to the savanna plains of Kasenyi in search of the wildlife. Here, we hope to see amazing wildlife like lions, leopards, elephants, hyenas, buffalo, kobs, warthogs, hippos, water bucks and so many more. We will visit the Kasenyi salt lake where salt is locally mined. This game drive will last up to 4 hours. We will return to the lodge for an early lunch.

In the afternoon, we will go for the afternoon boat cruise on the Kazinga channel. With over 600 bird species, this boat cruise is a paradise for bird lovers. The boat cruise is relaxing and offer close encounters with wildlife like elephants, buffaloes and kobs as they come for a drink. Other water dwellers like hippos and crocodiles are seen on this cruise. The variety of bird species like King fisher, African fish eagles, saddle billed storks, marabou storks, Egyptian geese and many more can be seen on this cruise. We will return and enjoy a relaxing evening on this Uganda safari.

Day 5: Transfer to Bwindi National park.

After breakfast, we will do a short game drive before driving to Bwindi national park. This drive gives us a chance to see the wildlife we might have missed the previous day. After the drive, we will check out of the lodge and transfer to Bwindi national park. This scenic drive offers amazing views of the rift valley and the steep escarpments. On arrival in Bwindi, we will check into the lodge and enjoy the sight of the amazing forest.

Day 6: Gorilla trekking

7 Days Uganda SafariWe will go for a briefing after breakfast. At the park headquarters, we will be given guidelines for gorilla trekking. These guidelines ensure we have a smooth and enjoyable Gorilla trekking experience. We shall be divided into groups of 8 and allocated different gorilla families to trek. Led by an experienced guide, we will enter into the impenetrable forest, trek through the thick lush green vegetation until we find the gorillas. On making contact, we will spend an hour observing them as they feed and go about their day. The gorilla trekking guidelines come in handy. With flash mode disabled, we will take as many pictures and videos as we want. The rangers will answer any questions you might have.  Depending on the location of the gorilla families, gorilla trekking takes between 3-6 hours.

We will return to the lodge for the afternoon. In the evening, we will have an option of interacting with the local community on a cultural tour. Here, we will get to learn the ways of the indigenous people of the area; the Batwa. Through music, stories and way of life, we will learn about their culture.  We will return and enjoy a relaxing evening with the sounds and sights of the forest.

Day 7: Transfer to Kampala.

After breakfast, we will depart Bwindi national park for Kampala. The drive offers amazing scenery of the forest, L’hoist monkeys and baboons by the side of the road. The rolling hills and terraces offers unforgettable sights on this 7 Days Uganda Safari. We will have a lunch break at Igongo cultural center. At the equator, we will stop for some photos and some experiments. On arrival in Kampala, the guide will drop you at your hotel or airport in time for your flight. This will mark the end of your 7 Days Uganda Safari