Uganda Mountaineering and Hiking Safaris-Uganda safari Tours

Uganda is still an undiscovered gem when it comes to mountaineering and hiking safaris. Uncongested trails characterize your Uganda mountaineering and hiking safari. Uganda is blessed with beautiful mountain ranges, amazing terrain that make a good hike. The snow-capped ranges of Rwenzori Mountains and Mt Elgon offer long and exciting time on high altitudes while shorter ranges like Mt Sabinyo and Mt Muhabura offer shorter hiking excursions. These Uganda mountaineering and hiking safaris can be coupled with other Uganda safari activities like gorilla trekking, wildlife safaris, chimpanzee trekking and cultural tours.

Uganda’s popular mountaineering and hiking destinations include; Mountain Rwenzori, Mt Elgon, Mt Sabinyo, Mt Muhabura, Sipi falls and Mt Mgahinga. These mountains offer a different terrain ranging from rocky grounds, crater lakes, alpine regions and bamboo forests


Uganda hiking and Mountaineering safaris

Hiking sipi falls
2 Day Sipi falls Hiking safari

This hiking safaris sees you hiking and exploring the magnificent falls that make up Sipi falls and enjoying the views of the Karamoja plains

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Mount Elgon 2
4 Day Elgon and Sipi falls hiking safari

Hike the amazing trails of Mount Elgon and explore the Sipi falls on this hiking safari

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Mt Rwenzori
5 Day Uganda Rwenzori Hiking safari

Hike and enjoy the views of the glaciers and Lake Mahoma on this Uganda mountaineering safari

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Hiking rwenzori
4 Day Rwenzori hiking and cultural safari

This hiking safari allows you to hike Mount Rwenzori for amazing views and cultural tours of the Bakonjo people

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7 Day Rwenzori mountaineering safari

This mountaineering safari allows you to summit Mt Rwenzori while enjoying the spectacular views

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Climbing Mount Rwenzori

Mountain Rwenzori is the highest mountain in Uganda, the 3rd highest in Africa with the highest range at 5,109 meters (16,762ft). The highest peak is Margherita peak. Other peaks include Stanley, Speke and Baker and they are all snow-capped throughout the year. Sumiting the Rwenzori Mountains takes up to 7 day depending on the trail used. With the help of guides and porters, they guide you throughout the hike. Porters will carry the food and your luggage. Constructed huts can be found along the trail acting as resting spots on your Uganda Mountaineering and hiking safari. The trails are well defined and regularly maintained. The Mountain offers amazing views including a crater lake on the hike. The alpine and moorland vegetation on the mountain make Rwenzori one of the best hiking and mountaineering destination in the world.

Mountain Climbing on the Elgon

Mt Elgon is located in the eastern part of Uganda new the border with Kenya. Mt Elgon is one of the few extinct volcanoes and rises to an altitude of 4,321 meters (14177 feet) above sea level. The Mountain was considered the highest in Africa but erosion has led to the reduction of its height. The mountain climbing on Elgon ranges from summiting to day hikes. The well maintained trails offer amazing views of the low lands and coffee plantations. Hiking Mt Elgon can be coupled with a visit to Sipi falls since they are found in the same area. It’s advisable to Hike Mt Elgon during the dry season since the rocks maybe slippery in the rain.

The Sabinyo Mountain

Sabinyo Mountain is found in the southwestern part of Uganda and has peaks in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo. The peak rise to 3,645 meters (11,959 Feet). The best hike is undertaken on the Ugandan side of the mountain. Sabinyo means “an old man with crooked teeth”. Uganda offers the best terrain for hiking and there are chances of seeing the golden monkeys in the bamboo forest on the mountain. The mountain has well maintained trails with various huts for rest stopovers. Guides and porters are provided for the hike. Due to the rugged nature of the mountain, the hike is hard and need a certain level of fitness.

Hiking Mountain Muhabura

Mountain Muhabura rises to an impressive height of 4,127 meters (13,540 feet) above sea level. The mountain is located at the boarder of Uganda and Rwanda. The Mountain offers day hikes for your Uganda Mountaineering and hiking safaris. The mountain offers bamboo forests and amazing scenery with the Crater Lake at the summit as the highlight of the hike. Guides and porters are provided for the day hike.

Mountain climbing on Mgahinga Mountain

Located in the western part of Uganda, Mountain Mgahinga rises to 3474 meters (11,398feet) above sea level and is part of the Virunga Mountains. The highlight of the hike up the mountain is the Crater Lake at the top. At the summit, you will have amazing views of the other Virunga Mountains. On descent, the Batwa trails can be seen, the indigenous people of the region. The Mountain offers short day hikes and the hike is not as hard as other day hikes.

Tororo Rock Hike

Tororo rock is found in the eastern part of Uganda, 230 kilometers from Kampala the capital city. The rock rises 1800 meters (5,906 feet) above sea level. The hike to the summit offers amazing views of the surrounding flat lands and Mt Elgon. The Tororo rock hike is extremely hard as it has narrow windy trails to the summit.

Mountain climbing in Uganda is best done in the dry season. This is because trails are slippery when it rains making the hike unpleasant. The bad roads across the country tend to be treacherous and impassable when there are heavy showers. Other safari activities that can be undertaken during your Uganda mountaineering and hiking safaris include; Gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking, wildlife viewing and birding. Swimming in the crater lakes can be also be done on reaching the summits of these mountains. Due to the difficult nature of some of the mountains, it’s advised to be in good physical and health condition.

On a Uganda Mountaineering and hiking safaris, you are advised to carry the following items for an enjoyable Uganda safaris

  • Hiking boots: These will help you not to slide on your hike
  • Warm clothes/Rain jacket: These high altitudes are cold with others having snow. The unpredictable showers are a regular occurrence in these high altitude regions
  • Gloves: These gloves will help you grab trees and other vegetation for leverage on your hike. The gloves will prevent injuries in case you hold something sharp.
  • Camera: In order to capture you memories, a camera will come in handy. These Uganda Mountains offer some of the best terrain and scenery.