7 Day Uganda Rwenzori mountaineering safari

5 Days Uganda Rwenzori Hiking Safari

5 Days Uganda Rwenzori Hiking Safari

This 5 Days Uganda Rwenzori Hiking Safari seeing you enjoying the outdoors as you hike up Mountain Rwenzori. Rwenzori is the highest mountain in Uganda and stands at 5,109 meters (16,762ft) above sea level. The Rwenzori Mountain is snow peaked throughout the year and has Margherita as the highest peak. On this 5 Days Uganda Rwenzori Hiking Safari, we won’t summit as summiting takes up to 7 days. On this Uganda hiking safari, we will get to enjoy the outdoors, the spectacular views and the landscape on the mountain.

5 Days Uganda Rwenzori Hiking Safari

5 Days Uganda Rwenzori Hiking Safari highlights.

  • Day 1: Kampala to Nyakalengija.
  • Day 2: Nyakalengija to Omuka Kizza (2400m)
  • Day 3: Omuka Kizza to Lake Mahoma (3000m)
  • Day 4: Lake Mahoma Nyakalengija
  • Day 5: Transfer back to Kampala.

Day 1. Kampala to Nyakalengija

On the first day of your 5 Days Uganda Rwenzori Hiking Safari, the guide will pick you from your hotel and after a short briefing, you will embark on your Uganda hiking safari. You will drive through the Kampala Masaka road and make a stop at the equator monument. Here, you will have breakfast and take some photos at the monument. Experiments will be performed to show the different hemispheres.

The scenic drive will take you through the western part of Uganda. In Mbarara, you will stop for an early lunch before proceeding to Mountain Rwenzori. You will drive through Queen Elizabeth national park and if we are lucky, we might spot a few elephants. On arrival at Nyakalengija (base of Mountain Rwenzori), we will check into the lodge and enjoy the magnificent views of the mountains. On a clear day, we will be able to spot some of the peaks of the mountain.

Day 2.Nyakalengija to Omuka Kizza (2400m)

After a warm breakfast, we will prepare for the hike. With porters and guides at the ready, we will embark on our hike on Mountain Rwenzori. On the Mahoma trail, we will hike through the rainforest. The view of the Mubuku River is visible at this point. At this point of the Mountain, we will be able to see some primates like the white and black colobus monkeys and the blue monkeys. A healthy number of bird species like the Rwenzori Turaco can be spotted too. We will proceed with the hike and finally reach the Omuka Kizza camp where we will stop for the night. We will recap the day’s hike and enjoy the magnificent views of the landscape on our Uganda safari tour.

Day 3. Omuka Kizza to Lake Mahoma (3000m)

5 Days Uganda Rwenzori Hiking Safari

We will wake up to a healthy breakfast prepared by the chefs before proceeding with the hike on this 5 Days Uganda Rwenzori Hiking Safari. We will hike through the heather and bamboo forest where there is a chance of spotting the forest elephants. The hot springs on the Mountain is one of the other places these forest elephants can be seen. Giant Lobelias that grow up to 8 meters high care found at this stage of your hike in the Rukenga valley. You will have the opportunity to take some photos with these amazing plants. At this point of your 5 Days Uganda Rwenzori Hiking Safari, you will arrive at Lake Mahoma where the camp site is. You will relax, enjoy the views of the lake and spend the night.

Day 4. Lake Mahoma back to Nyakalengija

Lake Mahoma is the deepest lake on the Mountain and on this day, we will get to explore it before our descent. This is the last day on the Mountain and after breakfast and exploration of the Lake, we will descend through the Mpanga ridge to the Mubuku valley. We shall then proceed to Nyakalengija and to our lodge. We will bid farewell to our porters, guides and chefs and retire to the lodge for the night.

Day 5. Transfer to Kampala

On the last day of our Uganda safari we will depart Nyakalengija for Kampala through Fort portal. This route is scenic and offers amazing views of the Rwenzori Mountain. We will drive though Fort portal enjoying the crater lakes in the region. The tea plantations, the papyrus swamps and the forest make this drive a scenic one. We will have lunch in Mubende town. On arrival in Kampala, the guide will drop you at your hotel or airport and that will mark the end of our 5 Days Uganda Rwenzori Hiking Safari.