Hiking Mt Sabinyo

Hiking Mt Sabinyo

Climbing Mt Sabinyo – Hiking in Uganda – Uganda hiking safaris

Hiking Mt Sabinyo is one of the top hiking excursions in Uganda. Sabinyo is one of the three mountain ranges that make up Mgahinga gorilla national park. At 3,645m the mountain range offers some of the best hiking experiences in Uganda. Sabinyo is part of the Virunga Mountains that ran along the borders of Uganda, DR Congo and Rwanda. The summit of the mountain is shared by the 3 countries. Here, you have panoramic views of the 3 countries. Mount Sabinyo derives its name “Sabinyo” (old man’s teeth) from the rugged peaks which look like the spaces in the old men’s teeth.

The Hike

The hike up Mt Sabinyo is scenic with amazing views of the rugged peaks and crater lakes. Although the mountain is shared by 3 countries, it can only be trekked from Uganda. Hiking Mt Sabinyo takes around 8 hours depending on your level of fitness and the weather. 5 hours will take you to the top while the descent will take 3 hours.

At 7:30am, you will register at the park headquarters where you will be briefed about the mountain and the hike. You will be escorted by rangers and guides and armed with a walking stick for support. Porters can be hired to help you with your luggage. Be sure to carry plenty of drinking water, energy bars and a packed lunch. The hike will take you to the bamboo zone at 2400-2800m which is habitat to the golden monkeys. Unless you are golden monkey trekking, they are rarely seen on this hike. Other wildlife species on the mountain include elephants and gorillas.

At 2800-3200m, the vegetation transitions into pristine forest. At 3200m, the terrain changes into sub-alpine zone all the way to the summit. The Rwenzori Turaco can be spotted in this region. Mt Sabinyo has 3 summits which can be reached on this hike. Here, you will get to the point where the 3 countries meet.


What to carry for the hike.

  • Comfortable hiking sores
  • Rain gear
  • Plenty of drinking water
  • Pack lunch and energy snacks
  • Trousers and long sleeved shirt to protect you against shrubs