The best time to climb or Hike Mt Rwenzori

The best time to climb or Hike Mt Rwenzori

Uganda Mountaineering and Hiking Safaris

When is the best time to climb or hike Mt Rwenzori is one of the most frequently asked question for those interested in summiting or hiking the mountain. As any safari activity, it is very important to go hiking in the most favorable conditions possible. Day hikes and summit expeditions are done all year round. Climbing mount Rwenzori can be done as a sole safari like the 7 day Rwenzori hiking safari or can be coupled with other safari activities like gorilla trekking and wildlife safaris.

The Rwenzori Mountains are open to visitors throughout the year and day hikes and summit hikes are undertaken any time of the year. The mountain gets an influx of visitors from July to October and December to February. In these months, the mountain receives less rainfall making it ideal for mountain climbing. More to that, other safari activities like primate trekking and wildlife sightings are in full bloom.

When to climb Rwenzori

Rwenzori Mountain lies close to the equator and experiences mild weather conditions. With 2 dry and wet seasons, the best time to climb or hike Mt Rwenzori is the dry season of July-September and December-January. In these months, Mt Rwenzori receives the least amount of rainfall. This ensures beautiful hikes with clear views of the peaks and scenery. The warm weather poses less of a strain on your body giving you more chances of summiting. More so, with safety as a primary factor on the mountain, the wet seasons pose a challenge. The rains lead to mud, heavy snow and severe cold which can pose a huge strain to the body. That will reduce your chances of summiting the mountain.

Summiting during the High Season.

The high season on the mountain are the dry months of July-September and December-February. During these months, you are assured of staying dry throughout your hike. This make your Uganda hiking safari more comfortable and enjoyable. This results into chances of proper acclimatization. With clear blue skies, you are guaranteed better scenic views on your hike. However, these high seasons see an increase on the number of hikers on the trails. While some visitors appreciate meeting and socializing with other climbers, others would like an exclusive hike on the mountain.

Summiting during the Low Season.

The low season offers exclusive hikes on the trails on the mountain. This to some hikers is worth the trek in the rain. The solitude and tranquility on the mountain is why people seek outdoors. The rains come in the afternoons and the hiking schedule can be adjusted so that most of the hiking is done in the mornings. During the low seasons, local tour operators and hotels offer discounts which is an added advantage.


Mountaineering and Hiking safaris To Mt Rwenzori

4 Day Rwenzori and cultural safari

Hike Rwenzori and meet the local Bakonjo on this Uganda hiking safari  View itinerary

5 Day Rwenzori hiking safari
Hiking rwenzori

On this hiking safari, we will get to enjoy the outdoors, views and the landscape on the mountain. View itinerary

7 Day Rwenzori summiting safari
Rwenzori summit

Challenge yourself and summit Mt Rwenzori on this 7 day hiking safari View itinerary

4 Day Mt Sabinyo hiking safari

4 Day Mt Sabinyo hiking safari

4 Day Mt Sabinyo hiking safari

This 4 Day Mt Sabinyo hiking safari takes you to the southwestern part of Uganda for amazing outdoor adventure. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the mountainous region of Kisoro on this Uganda hiking safari.

Safari Overview.

At 3,669 meters above sea level, Mt Sabinyo offers some of the best hiking adventures in Uganda. The mountain is located in Mgahinga gorilla national park and is one of the 3 mountain ranges that make up the park. The others include; Mt Muhabura and Mt Gahinga. The summit of mount Sabinyo is shared by the three countries of Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo. On this Uganda hiking safari, you will get to relax and enjoy the serenity of Lake Bunyonyi after the hike.

4 Day Mt Sabinyo hiking safari Itinerary

Day 1: Transfer to Mt Sabinyo.

After a short briefing, you will have an early departure for the mountain ranges. Driving along the Kampala-Masaka highway, you will make a breakfast stop at the equator. Here, you will be able to take some photos at the equator monument before proceeding on your Uganda mountaineering and hiking safari. We will have another lunch break in Kabale before embarking on the last leg of this drive. The rolling hills of Kabale offer spectacular views of Lake Bunyonyi and terraced hills. On arrival, you will check into the lodge, relax as you prepare for your hike up the mountain.

Day 2: Hike Mt Sabinyo.

After an early breakfast, you will depart the lodge for the park headquarters. You will carry a packed lunch and plenty of drinking water as this hike is a whole day’s hike. At the park headquarters, you will be briefed about the park and the hike to the top. You will accompanied by rangers and you can hire porters in case you need someone to carry your supplies. The day hike takes up to 8 hours depending on your level of fitness. The summit marks the border of Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo. The hike has rare but amazing wildlife sightings of buffalo, forest Elephants and golden monkeys. After the hike, your guide will pick up and transfer you to your hotel for the evening and night.

Day 3: Transfer to Lake Bunyonyi.

After a much needed recovery night, you will transfer to Lake Bunyonyi on this day of your 4 Day Mt Sabinyo hiking safari. This short drive is scenic with amazing views of all the 3 mountains of Muhabura, Sabinyo and Gahinga. On arrival, you will enjoy a relaxing boat cruise on Lake Bunyonyi, exploring the different islands on the lake. Here, you will learn of the deep history like Sharp’s island, leprosy colony and Punishment Island. After the island tour, you will check into your lodge in time for lunch. The free afternoon on the lake will allow you to relax and enjoy the beauty of Lake Bunyonyi.

Day 4: Transfer to Kampala.

On the last day of this 4 Day Mt Sabinyo hiking safari, you will have an early breakfast and check out of the lodge. You will then transfer to Kampala with a lunch break at the Igongo cultural center. On arrival in Kampala, your guide will drop you at your residence, hotel or airport. This will mark the end of your 4 Day Mt Sabinyo hiking safari.


4 Day Elgon Sipi falls safari

4 Day Elgon Sipi falls safari

Embark on this 4 Day Elgon Sipi falls safari for an unmatched experience in the wild. Explore the amazing scenery of Uganda as you hike Mount Elgon and explore Sipi falls on this Uganda safari tour. This Uganda safari tour allows you have 2 day’s hike up Mount Elgon and explore the magnificent Sipi falls. Put on your hiking boots and enjoy the views in the eastern part of Uganda.

4 Day Elgon Sipi falls safari highlights

  • Day 1: Transfer to Sipi falls and embark on sunset walk
  • Day 2: Hike up the Kapkwai Trail
  • Day 3: Hike on the Sasa trial
  • Day 4: Explore Sipi falls, abseil and return to Kampala

4 Day Elgon Sipi falls safari Detailed itinerary

4 Day Elgon Sipi falls safari

Day 1: Depart Kampala for Sipi falls

On the morning of your Uganda safari tour, our guide will pick your from your hotel early in the morning. After a short briefing, you will embark on your journey to the eastern part of Uganda. The drive is scenic and offers amazing views of the sugar cane plantations, Mabira forest, tea plantations and the rice fields. We will make a breakfast stop in Jinja. We will proceed to Mbale where we will have an early lunch before proceeding to Sipi falls. On arrival, we will check into our lodge and enjoy the serenity of sipi falls. Later in the evening, we will embark on a sunset walk. This walk leads us to a plateau that offers spectacular views of the lowlands. We will enjoy a glass of wine or a coffee as we enjoy the serenity on our Uganda safari tour. We will return to the lodge for the night.

Day 2: Forest discovery at Kapkwai Trail

On the second day of our Uganda safari tour, we will have an early breakfast as we prepare for the day’s hike. With a parked lunch in hand, we will start our hike at Kapkwai. Following the mountain bamboo trail, we will enjoy the beautiful sounds of the wind whistling through the bamboo forest and the chirping of the birds. We will visit the gorge and take the breathtaking beauty of Uganda. The gentle river on the southern edge offer spectacular views and amazing photography opportunities. We will then descend and return to the lodge for the evening and night.

Day 3: Sasa Trail

On day 3 of this 4 Day Elgon Sipi safari, we will have a warm breakfast, get our packed lunch as we prepare for the day’s hike. We will take the Sasa trail that is renowned for its magnificent views of landscapes. This trail takes you to higher altitudes offering more spectacular views of the landscape. We shall have a lunch break en route the hike. We will descend and return to the lodge, relax and enjoy the sounds and the views of the Sipi falls.

Day 4; Explore Sipi falls, Abseiling and return to Kampala.

4 Day Elgon Sipi falls safari

As our 4 Day Elgon Sipi safari comes to an end, we shall have an early start for the day’s activities. After breakfast, we will venture out to explore the 3 water falls that make up Sipi. Since Sipi falls are a series of falls that feed one another, we shall start with the first, hike to the base of the falls. Here, we will get a chance to enjoy the spray of the water as it plummets to the bottom. We shall get a chance of getting behind the falls where caves were dug out as homes of the indigenous people. On the last waterfall, which is also the highest, we shall abseil down the 100 meter fall to the bottom. The view as you descend is both thrilling and serene. At the bottom, we will hike back to the lodge, check out and depart for Kampala. We will have a lunch break in Mbale before proceeding to Kampala. On arrival, the guide will drop you at your hotel or the airport and this will mark the end of your 4 Day Elgon Sipi safari.