Murchison Falls boat cruise-Uganda safari tours

Relax and enjoy the views and scenery of Murchison falls during your Uganda safari tour with a Murchison Falls boat cruise.

Murchison Falls boat cruise

Murchison falls

Murchison Falls national park is the largest national park in Uganda and covers 3,893 square kilometers of pure African wilderness. The park is covered by savanna plains, forested areas, woodland and the River Nile. The park contains a variety of wildlife including mammals. Primates and bird species. The park is divided into the Northern bank and southern bank by the River Nile. The river gives life to the wildlife and birds of Murchison falls national park. Activities like fishing, sunset cruise and boat cruise to the bottom of the falls are offered on this river.

A Murchison Falls boat cruise is one of those safari activities that allows you to sit back and relax as you enjoy the views of the African wilderness and wildlife.

Murchison falls boat cruises

Murchison falls national parks offers various types of boat cruises. They can be arranged by your tour operator upon request. These include;

Scheduled Launch cruise:

This boat cruise takes you to the bottom of the mighty Murchison falls. On this cruise, you will relax and enjoy the amazing views of the wilderness, wildlife and birds as you sail 17km upstream to the bottom of the falls. At the bottom of the falls, you will have amazing views of the Murchison falls. Other options like hiking to the top of the falls can arranged by your tour operator. This is a scheduled launch and it starts and ends a Paraa landing site. The morning launch departs at 11:00am and returns at 1:00pm and the afternoon launch departs at 2:00pm and returns at 5:00pm. These cruises are undertaken in large double decker boats that carry up to 40 people. These offer amazing views on your Uganda wildlife safari. On request, smaller boats that carry up to 8 people can be arranged for a private experience.

Sunset cruise.

Murchison Falls boat cruiseThese Murchison falls Boat cruise are more private and are undertaken on smaller boats. They go to the bottom of the falls but offer a more exclusive Uganda safari experience. On this sunset cruise, you will enjoy snacks and drinks as you enjoy the wilderness on your Uganda wildlife safari. These are best for romantic getaways and honeymooners. Depending on you accommodation, these sunset cruises are more flexible. If your Safari lodge has access to the river and has a private dock, the boat can pick you and drop you off at your lodge.

Delta cruise.

The Delta cruise doesn’t go to the bottom of the falls. It goes to the delta section of the park. Here, we get to do a safari on the river. Rare bird species like the Shoe bill and the leopards can be spotted on the delta cruise. This cruise

What to see on a Murchison Falls boat cruise.


Elephants are some of the most interesting wildlife to see on a boat cruise. Due to the nature and unpredictability of the wildlife, a boat cruise is the safest way to get very close to an African Elephant wouldn’t any danger of being charged. During the hot afternoon heat, the elephants come to the banks of the river for a drink and the boat cruise is the best way to get closest to them on your Uganda wildlife safari.


Since hippos spend all day in water, the Murchison falls boat cruise is the best way to view them on your Uganda safari. The cruise will get close enough for you to enjoy the sight of these semi aquatic wildlife. They live in families in the shallow waters of the river.

Nile crocodiles

On this cruise, you will be able to watch the Nile crocodiles as they bask by the banks of the river. Without compromising your safety, you will get closer and take amazing pictures of these reptiles on your Uganda wildlife safari.


A lot of bird species can be spotted on the Murchison Falls boat cruise. These include; the African fish eagle, cormorants, king fishers, bee-eaters, weaver birds, Egyptian geese and many more. These build their nests closer to the water strategically to avoid predators.

Other wildlife that can be seen on the Murchison falls boat cruise include water buck, buffalo, kobs and many more. They can be seen as they come for a drink in the hot afternoon heat on your Uganda safari tour.

Fishing safaris is another safari activity that can be done on the Nile. However, you will have to come with your own fishing equipment. Fish that are caught in the Nile are The Nile perch, cat fish and the tiger fish.