Hiking in Kidepo valley national park
Hiking in Kidepo valley national park

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Hiking in Kidepo valley national park is one of the many ways to explore the remote wilderness. The sound of the chirping birds and the serene scenic views are rewarding, offering some of the best safari experiences. Kidepo valley national park is remote and isolated in the northeastern part of Uganda. The huge boulders, rock up crops and mountain ranges are inviting. Hiking in Kidepo allows you to enjoy exclusive outdoor excursions with amazing picturesque moments. These hiking destinations in Kidepo valley national park include;

Mount Morungole

At 2,750 meters, Mount Morungole clearly marks the southern part of the park. It is intersected by both River Narus and River Kidepo which end up feeding and nourishing the park and its inhabitants. Day hikes up Mount Morungole start at the park headquarters and a short drive takes you to the bottom of the mountain. The mountain offers more than just hiking. It is home to the Ik people. These are the smallest ethnic tribe in Uganda. Cultural tours to the Ik showcase the lifestyle, music and food of these people.

Lomeji Hills

The Lomeji hills are a 30 minutes’ drive from the park headquarters to the base of the hills. The hills have 3 distinctive peaks that overlook the Narus valley. The hike up Lomeji hills allows for wildlife sightings of buffalo, reedbuck and rock hyrax. Hiking up these hills requires a certain level of fitness because it is steep. A hike to the 3 summits will last up to 6 hours.

Lonyili Mountains

Lonyili Mountains are located between Kitgum and the South Sudan border near Kidepo national park. This offers an alternative to hiking in Kidepo Valley national park. The mountain is home to primates like colobus monkeys due to its montane forest. Due to the seasonal nature of the roads, you are advised to contact your local tour operator for clarification.