Horseback riding safaris in Jinja Uganda

Horseback riding is a rare activity in Uganda. Over 1600, horses have been recorded by census Agencies in Uganda with most in the Karamoja region. Exploring a national park or local village on a horseback is a unique and marvelous way to experience the wildlife and landscapes of Africa. Mihingo safari lodge in Lake Mburo National park offers the best horseback riding experience and is only rivaled by Jinja town. Whereas the horseback safaris in Lake Mburo allow you get close to the park animals, the arrangement in Jinja is meant to allow tourists experience Africa’s village life while marveling at the panoramic views of the river Nile and tea estates.

Nile Horseback Safaris is the main company running horseback safaris in Jinja. The company is owned by an Australian Expatriate. Their horses are experienced and trained well and know what is expected of them. Each horse has a mounting block, saddlebags and rain jacket that can be very handy during the rainy season.  Usually there are two guides – one leads riders and the other follows behind to ensure that no one is getting any difficulties. There rides take between 1 and 3 hours in the morning, afternoon and at sunset. Only experienced riders can go for the overnight ride because it is more strenuous and goes through challenging trails.

In order not to strain the horses, the companies have a weight restriction. Riders cannot be over 90 kilograms. Most of the companies in Jinja require at least two people in order to participate in the overnight/sunset horseback ride. Those who have no experience riding shouldn’t be worried because most of the participants are first time riders. Inexperienced riders are given training on how to control a horse before the start of the activity.  In case there is a large group with different riding skill levels, the group begins at the same pace and separate at some point to allow the more advanced riders move ahead. To cater for kids, the horse riding company’s reserve some ponies for kids. Whenever kids are on a pony, a guide closely monitors them.

The cost of Horse riding

Horse riding costs between $40 and $80 per adult depending on the hours and sessions. The short pony ride for kids cost about $20.  Sunset horse riding costs $60 while the 4 night overnight ride costs $265. It is important to book the horse riding activity in advance because the guides and horses may be limited. In order to book a horseback safari or tour, you need to contact a tour operator or go directly to one of the companies arranging the activity. Mission Africa Safaris can help you arrange a memorable Tour of Jinja including Horse riding, Bungee jumping, Quad biking and canoeing. We have good working relationships with horseback riding companies in Jinja and can help you put together a memorable tour.