4 Day Rwenzori hiking and cultural safari-Uganda Mountaineering safaris

This 4 Day Rwenzori hiking and cultural safari allows you to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Rwenzori Mountains and get to explore the culture of the Bakonzo people. This is a short Uganda mountaineering safari filled with amazing fauna and flora.

4 Day Rwenzori hiking and cultural safariRwenzori mountain national park is located in western Uganda and stretches into Democratic republic of Congo. It is the third highest mountain in Africa rising up to 16,700 feet above sea level. Its highest ranges are permanently snow-capped. The Rwenzori Mountain is famous for its amazing plant life, water falls, glaciers and snow fields making it one of the most attractive alpine areas in the world. This Uganda Hiking safari allows you to enjoy a day hike on the mountain and explore the cultural trails of the indigenous people.

4 Day Rwenzori hiking and cultural Safari Highlights.

  • Day 1: Transfer from Kampala to Rwenzori Mountain
  • Day 2: Ruboni Hill hike
  • Day 3: Cultural Hike
  • Day 4: Return to Kampala

4 Day Rwenzori hiking and cultural safari Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Transfer from Kampala to Rwenzori National Park.

In the morning of this Uganda hiking safari, the guide will pick you from your hotel and after a short briefing, you will embark on your journey to Rwenzori mountain national park. You will have a stop at the equator where you will have breakfast and do some experiments to determine the different hemispheres. You will continue to the western part of Uganda, enjoying the different landscapes. We will have lunch in Mbarara at Igongo cultural center before proceeding to Kasese. We will drive through Queen Elizabeth national park and on arrival at the mountain, we will check into our lodge. This location offers amazing views of the mountain and the roaring sounds of the Mubuku River. This is a 7 hour scenic drive.

Day 2: Ruboni Hill Walk

On this day of the 4 Day Rwenzori hiking and cultural safari, we will have a warm breakfast and set off for our Uganda hiking safari. This hike will be on the Ruboni hill and this hike offers amazing scenery. The Baker and Portal peaks are visible during our hike. The Ruboni hill peaks at 2300 meters above sea level and offers amazing views of River Mubuku, the panoramic views of the mountain as well as the highest peak; Margherita. We will have lunch during our hike and on descending, we will relax and recover from our hike.

Day 3: Cultural Hike

This Uganda safari package will take us for a cultural tour of the Bakonzo people. After breakfast, we will set off on the Bulemba-Ihandiro cultural trail. This trail offers magnificent views of the Mountain. This hike will take us through the Bat valley which is a holy place for the Bakonzo. The trail will take us to a hilltop cultural museum. We will cross River Kamusonge. A visit to the local traditional healer will see us experiencing his use of Muhima (power) to heal the sick. We shall then visit the villages of Ruboni for a cultural tour which includes traditional dances.

Day 4: Return to Kampala

On the last day of this 4 Day Rwenzori hiking and cultural safari, we will depart Rwenzori Mountain for Kampala using the Fort portal route. This drive offers another view of the mountain. The breathtaking hills offer a scenic drive. On arrival to Kampala, the guide will drop you at your hotel and this will mark the end of your Uganda Hiking safari.