The best time to climb or Hike Mt Rwenzori

The best time to climb or Hike Mt Rwenzori

Uganda Mountaineering and Hiking Safaris

When is the best time to climb or hike Mt Rwenzori is one of the most frequently asked question for those interested in summiting or hiking the mountain. As any safari activity, it is very important to go hiking in the most favorable conditions possible. Day hikes and summit expeditions are done all year round. Climbing mount Rwenzori can be done as a sole safari like the 7 day Rwenzori hiking safari or can be coupled with other safari activities like gorilla trekking and wildlife safaris.

The Rwenzori Mountains are open to visitors throughout the year and day hikes and summit hikes are undertaken any time of the year. The mountain gets an influx of visitors from July to October and December to February. In these months, the mountain receives less rainfall making it ideal for mountain climbing. More to that, other safari activities like primate trekking and wildlife sightings are in full bloom.

When to climb Rwenzori

Rwenzori Mountain lies close to the equator and experiences mild weather conditions. With 2 dry and wet seasons, the best time to climb or hike Mt Rwenzori is the dry season of July-September and December-January. In these months, Mt Rwenzori receives the least amount of rainfall. This ensures beautiful hikes with clear views of the peaks and scenery. The warm weather poses less of a strain on your body giving you more chances of summiting. More so, with safety as a primary factor on the mountain, the wet seasons pose a challenge. The rains lead to mud, heavy snow and severe cold which can pose a huge strain to the body. That will reduce your chances of summiting the mountain.

Summiting during the High Season.

The high season on the mountain are the dry months of July-September and December-February. During these months, you are assured of staying dry throughout your hike. This make your Uganda hiking safari more comfortable and enjoyable. This results into chances of proper acclimatization. With clear blue skies, you are guaranteed better scenic views on your hike. However, these high seasons see an increase on the number of hikers on the trails. While some visitors appreciate meeting and socializing with other climbers, others would like an exclusive hike on the mountain.

Summiting during the Low Season.

The low season offers exclusive hikes on the trails on the mountain. This to some hikers is worth the trek in the rain. The solitude and tranquility on the mountain is why people seek outdoors. The rains come in the afternoons and the hiking schedule can be adjusted so that most of the hiking is done in the mornings. During the low seasons, local tour operators and hotels offer discounts which is an added advantage.


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