Uganda reduces Gorilla trekking fees

Uganda reduces Gorilla trekking fees

Uganda has reduced the gorilla trekking fees as well as park entrance fees to national parks in Uganda. This is in an effort to revamp tourism after the Covid 19 Pandemic. As the world came to a halt because of the virus, Uganda wasn’t spared. A nationwide lockdown was imposed, airports and borders were closed and primate parks were closed. Tourism staff lost their jobs, hotels downsized and some even closed. This posed a huge challenge to the conservation process. Communities and individuals who earned from tourism suffered. Out of work, some reverted to poaching and it didn’t end well for them.

The Uganda wildlife authority (UWA) is the government agency tasked with conserving, protecting and managing the national parks in Uganda. It manages the 10 national parks, and 13 game reserves in Uganda. In a bid to revamp tourism in Uganda, the UWA has reduced the gorilla trekking fees, chimpanzee trekking fees and the park entrance fees. Airports have been reopened and tourism has resumed. The Uganda local population has done their share in contributing to tourism. Local groups and families have visited the national parks and game reserves. With the Standard Operating procedures, the savannah plains have hosted a few tourists and this has led to the initiative to reduce the fares to attract more tourists.

As the vaccines are about to hit the market, UWA has responded by reducing the fees starting from 1st December 2020 to 31st Marc 2021. This will give a hint of fresh breath to the tourism industry. The discounted fares include

  • 50% discount on park entry fees for national parks
  • 50% discount on birding fees
  • Reduced rates on primate trekking

Gorilla trekking permits

  • Foreign Nonresidents from $700 to $400
  • Foreign Residents from $600-$300
  • East African citizens from Ugx 250,000/ to Ugx 150,000/

Chimpanzee trekking permits

  • Foreign Nonresidents from $200 to $150
  • Foreign residents from $150 to $100
  • East African citizens from Ugx 150,000/ to Ugx 100,000/

If you have always desired to go gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking or wildlife safaris, now would be a good time with these reduced rates. Help revamp the tourism industry in Uganda by undertaking these post covid primate and wildlife safaris in Uganda.



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